About Hudson Civic Action

Hudson Civic Action is a non-partisan group of residents in Hudson County, New Jersey, who believe it is our civic duty to remain engaged in the democratic process and work towards open government. We don’t endorse candidates for office or put party above our progressive values. We do support political debate and civic discourse and our mission is:

To promote and sustain a livable, compassionate community by empowering residents to engage in local democracy.

We believe that to effect positive change, one must start with local government. We attend Town Council and Board of Commissioners meetings and encourage our members to speak out on issues concerning our communities, such as overdevelopment, fiscal responsibility, education, infrastructure, electoral reform, environment, and racial justice.

Founded in March 2015 in the towns of Union City and Weehawken, there is now active membership growing across the County. We work as an Indivisible Group and host community events: Know Your Rights, Community Forum on Immigrant Rights, Upstander Training and more.

With the belief that we are all stronger when we stand together, we are building relationships with other civic, social service, and activist organizations as well as faith groups in North Jersey. We are always open to any committed residents who believe:

“There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship”
– Ralph Nader.

Civic engagement means being directly engaged in the public square, working to make a difference in our communities, and strengthening the knowledge, skills, values and motivation needed to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community through both political and non-political processes.

Although we actively support local organizations who focus on serving vulnerable populations as well as organizing marches and protests, the main focus of our group is on direct engagement with elected officials.

How Hudson Civic Action practices Civic Engagement:

1 – Know your elected officials:
Four Levels of Representation:

2. Create relationships with your elected officials:

  • Go to town/county meetings: Build your civic capital
  • Become familiar with specific issues in your town (Google alerts)
  • Report back to the group on your experiences and the issues

3. Spread the word:

  • Invite local friends and neighbors to our mailing list
  • As we build our list, we build our influence

4. Take part in and help to market events.

  • Attend our events
  • Talk with your friends and neighbors about our events
  • Help distribute flyers and postcards before events

5. Participate in calls to action:

  • Call campaigns
  • Meetings with elected officials
  • Attendance at specific town or county meetings where having a large group is supportive to a specific cause
  • Join town or issue-based action team

6. Indivisible

We have adopted the IndivisibleGuide as a playbook for resisting the Trump agenda on the local level,  utilizing a division of labor so that no one person is burdened by trying to track every level of their government.

7. Presenting Educational events for group members and the community-at-large:

  • Know Your Rights
  • Upstander
  • Brave Conversation
  • Implicit Bias
  • Electoral Forums

Other ways to contribute
Use your specific talents and skills:

  • Video
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Writing – contribute to blog
  • Research

Group Communications:

  • People who wish to stay informed through our mailing list can give us their email address and will receive newsletters: bit.ly/hcasubscribe
  • Members who are actively engaged in initiatives will collaborate on Slack to share information with other active members


  • Suggested donations are $10 per monthly meeting and our funds go towards:
    • Cost of materials such as flyers, postcards, buttons, business cards, paid instructors, etc.
    • The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Immigration Attorney Fund
  • Hudson Civic Action is not a 501c3 or 501c4.