NJ Senate Bill S3007 needs your help!

I took a democracy field trip yesterday, traveling to Trenton to observe the NJ Senate Judiciary committee hearing on Marijuana legalisation via S3195, sponsored by Senator Nicholas Scutari, as well as to witness the passage (hopefully) of S3007, sponsored by Senator Brian Stack, which “Establishes program to reimburse local governments for federal grant funds lost due to “sanctuary jurisdiction” status.”

In lobbying for Fair and Welcoming Communities Resolution across Hudson County, immigration advocates have heard several lawmakers say they want to support the effort, but fear losing Federal funding as a result, as has been threatened by the Trump administration. S3007 would directly address this concern, filling any potential gaps in funding.

However, once S3007 was announced, it was immediately held, and no vote was taken. I caught up with Senator Stack outside the Senate Chambers and asked what had happened, and he said the bill was held because one member was missing whose vote was needed. He also said, “It’s going to be tough.”

I asked Stack how citizen advocates could help, where the pressure points were, and he said to reach out to Senators Van Drew (D-District 1), Turner (D-District 15), and Madden (D-District 4).

If you are a constituent of any of these three Senators, I strongly encourage you to contact them and express your support for S3007. Use this form to find your Senator based upon where you live.

Act for Justice,
Steve Ramshur
Foiunder, Hudson Civic Action

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