[VIDEO] Weehawken Town Council meeting, May 11

The opening of the meeting centered on the promotion to the rank of Captain for two Weehawken police officers: Sean Kelly and Jason Czonomor.

Opening comments from Mayor Turner that are missed on the video:

  • Weehawken crime rate is down lower than 1971. There was a brief rise last July/August which is attributed to homeless issue. Weehawken provided funds to PERC so the center can operate full time and residents can stay at the center all day and receive services all day. Previously they had to leave between 9-4.

12:50 – Access easement for 2304 Palisade Avenue

Citizen Comments:

15:45 – Community member thanked the council for the support of PERC, and for the cleanup of 592 Gregory’s yard area. Asked what Weehawken’s position on short-term rentals was. Turner: Weehawken has a very stringent boarding house ordinance that aims to keep illegal boarding houses out of operation. In their opinion, the issue is owner unoccupied situations. There are 3 small boarding houses in operation now in Weehawken. They appear before the council annually to renew their licenses. We used to have 9-10 boarding houses that were illegal and they have been closed.

22:45 – Heated 15 minute discussion on town repairs and Dept. of Public Works.

39:10 – Water at Estuary Dog walk is not contaminated – drains are clogged with dog hair.

44:20 – Bus shelter at Highpoint and Palisade Avenues, proposed at Union City Board of Commisioners’ meeting.

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