[VIDEO] Weehawken School District – Organizational changes

Many changes to the Weehawken School District administration were revealed at the Board of Education special organizational meeting on Thursday, April 28.

  • Mr. Anthony Colasurdo will become the Principal of WHS;
  • Mr. Alfred Orecchio will become the Director of Pupil Services and Personalized Learning for the District;
  • Mrs. Suzanne Mera (formerly Dorsey) will become the Principal at Theodore Roosevelt School;
  • Mrs. Anna Rudowsky (formerly Bernstein) will become the Principal at Daniel Webster School;
  • Mr. Robert Ferullo will become the Assistant Principal and Dean of Students for Grades 7-9 at WHS;
  • Mr. Zachery Nazimento will remain the Supervisory of Athletics at WHS, but will also become the Dean of Students for Grades 10-12;
  • Ms. Francesca Amato will become the Director of Academic Affairs and Innovation for the District.

Furthermore, the following administrators/teachers in the district are retiring after this school year:  Mr. Spinosa (WHS Principal); Mrs. Rusconi (TRS Librarian); Mr. Perez (TRS Gym Teacher);  Mrs. Roberts (TRS School Nurse); Mrs. Dinkelmeyer (Webster Librarian).

The video below shows the full meeting, as well as Superintendent Zywicki’s report.

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