[VIDEO] Weehawken Town Council, April 27

See detailed Agenda here

– Weehawken softball tournament raised $3,500 in funds for autism research; baseball tournament raised $3,120.

– Votes on resolution items from agenda

– Properties declared Abandoned :

  • 191 Hackensack Plank Road
  • 603 Gregory Avenue
  • 592 Gregory Avenue
  • 67-69 Chestnut Street

Privilege of the Floor:

–  Gregory Avenue repaving and sidewalk replacement still not done; improvements will take place “around memorial Day” (Mayor Turner).

– When was lead last tested in Weehawken schools, and what were the results?

  • High School just tested six weeks ago, passed

– Current Weehawken video policy is unlawful, per NJ Supreme Court ruling on Tarus vs. Borough of Pine Hill (2007)

  • The board cannot restrict the number of non-obtrusive recording devices
  • The board cannot demand prior notice for use of non-obtrusive recording devices
  • There is no right to privacy at public meetings
  • The board cannot restrict recording of conversations that happen at public meetings
  • Each person has a right to record – the right to record cannot be limited based on another person’s right to record

– Mayor Turner’s response – “we’ve never stopped anybody from taping in the past”.

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